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Borderlands 3: Everything we know about the endgame


Borderlands helped create the Looter-Shooter genre in 2009.10 years later, the third game is coming out in a environment filled with Destiny and Division content. Here’s what we know about Borderlands 3’s endgame, and where the series has gone in the past..
In 2009, Borderlands helped invent the looter-shooter genre — which blends the gameplay of a shooter with the loot hunts of a Diablo-like action RPG. A few years later, Borderlands 2 continued to rule the genre, with few competitors challenging it. But with Borderlands 3, quite a bit has changed. The genre has evolved, with games like Destiny 2 and The Division 2 dominating the space.
These days, looter-shooter games survive on the strength of their endgames. It’s how these games maintain their relevance for months, rather than short time it takes to finish a campaign.
How will Borderlands 3 evolve and what we can expect from the endgame? We’ve pulled from past evidence and recent quotes to piece it all together.
During theBorderlands 3 gameplay reveal event, some interesting details slipped out about the endgame.
In an interview with VG24/7, lead boss designer Matt Cox spoke about the studio’s post launch plans. Cox announced four story expansions, community events, and raids. Borderlands has never had a raid before, as Destiny was the first looter-shooter to implement the activity.

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