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The $1,300 Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is here: What you need to know


Samsung announced a whopping four new Galaxy S10 devices, from the low-cost S10e to the triple-camera S10 and S10 Plus. But it’s the Galaxy S10 5G that truly steals the show, as it’s the first 5G-ready smartphone to hit the market. It comes packing a massive 6.7-inch screen.
For the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, it’s either go big or go home, and Samsung is going gargantuan. Its ultimate flagship smartphone this year, apart from the experimental Samsung Galaxy Fold, isn’t the Galaxy S10 Plus, but the Galaxy S10 5G.
It’s time to open the doors on a new generation of speed and power — the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is now available in the U. S. If you’ve pre-ordered the device, then you can expect to receive your new 5G phone today, while those who had resisted taking the plunge until they were able to get the device in their hands at a store will finally be able to sample the next evolution in mobiles for themselves. Be warned, not all Verizon stores will be carrying the phone.
It’s a huge and expensive device, with prices starting from $1,300 for the 256GB version. Still, if you want to experience the fledgling 5G networks in many U. S. cities, then it’s either this or the Moto Z3 that you’ll need to do it. The S10 5G first launched in South Korea April 5.
While other notable Samsung phones have, um, “folded,” the Galaxy S10 5G is set for a glorious launch. Verizon has opened its pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, revealing the release date of Samsung’s massive new device, and how much it’ll set you back to access that sweet 5G network speed.
As previously expected, devices are set to be delivered on May 16, matching earlier rumors of the release date. There are two variants on offer — one with 256GB of storage, and one with 512GB. The 256GB version costs a heady $1,300 outright, or $54.16/month for 24 months with a $0 upfront cost. The 512GB version is $1,400 outright, or $58.

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