This year’s E3 2019 has seen a host of heavyweight trailers being dropped, with each being more impressive than the other. Here are the best.
“This year’s E3 2019 has seen a host of heavyweight trailers being dropped, with each being more impressive than the other. Here are the best.”
The annual gaming convention extravaganza, E3 2019, is officially underway, and with that, most of the headlining keynotes by game developers and publishing houses have taken place. As with every year, we have come away with an impressive list of titles this year too, this time featuring two surprise appearances — Halo’s vaunted Master Chief, and none other than Keanu Reeves. Beyond that, too, we have seen multiple launches that have made heads turn, and we cannot wait for them to launch through the year, and into 2020.
No gaming convention is ever complete without big gun Bethesda firing a few bombshells into the air. While its E3 2019 keynote may not have been the most prolific one of its lifetime, it has been nothing short of fantastic either, simply with the sheer list of games that they have brought to the table. The main theme of the Bethesda keynote for this year was “Be connected” — a positive nod to the rising involvement of the internet, cloud computing, streaming platforms and constant connectivity as essential factos of gaming. While Bethesda remained true to its theme, it did not forget what it was primarily in the room for — awesome games.
With Google having thrown caution into the air with Stadia, it now looks like every big name in technology worth their salt is going to invest in this segment. With the sheer number of smartphones, tablets and televisions spread worldwide, coupled with the comparatively dwindling number of dedicated gaming hardware, it is no surprise that even game publishers and developers are looking at this too. The result — Orion.
Bethesda’s claims were not about doing anything dramatically different. Instead, it focused on doing it right — provide information relevant for the mainstream audience. Orion can reportedly stream at 20 percent faster frame rates, while taking up 40 percent lesser bandwidth than competition such as Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, Sony PlayStation Now and Valve Steam Link. Its claims remain to be validated, but with the Doom 2016 smartphone demo that was played on stage, the service seems pretty promising.
One of the world’s most favourite shooter games is back, and this time, it is badder and bloodier than before. Doom Eternal sticks to the typical theme of Doom, while improving how you battle, and the rewards you get for inflicting innovative kills. As always, the alien-slaying video game remains as awesome as ever, and you can play it from November 22,2019.
Arkane Studios, the developers of the Dishonored series, is back with a new game, Deathloop. Truth be told, the demo seemed mighty close to Dishonored at times, especially the swordplay elements. It appears to have the swanky graphics elements that we expect from most new video games of late, but unfortunately, no reveal date was announced.
Yet another legendary title getting a new makeover with a few additional features. However, Youngblood still seems worth your time, for you now get improved shooting mechanics, and the headlining part — co-op fighting where you can team up with your friend to take on everyone and everything.

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