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George Floyd Protests in Los Angeles Declared an ‘Unlawful Assembly’ After Clashes Between Protesters and Police


Demonstration in Los Angeles is one of many happening nationwide Friday
After hours of demonstrations that in at least one instance resulted in injuries, the Los Angeles police department declared Friday night that protests in Downtown inspired by the death of George Floyd are “an unlawful assembly.” LAPD has ordered businesses to close, residents to remain home, and demonstrators to disperse.
Citing what it called “repeated acts of violence & property damage,” LAPD said the zone affected by the order includes the bulk of Downtown Los Angeles, bordered by the 10 freeway in the south, the 101 freeway in the north, the 110 in the west, and Alameda street in the east.
Throughout the night, local news footage showed several scenes of demonstrators breaking windows, throwing dockless scooters into buildings, and various other forms of vandalism as LAPD deployed in large numbers near in central Downtown, close to city hall and LAPD headquarters.
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The protests, which began around 5:30 p.

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