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OnePlus 8 Pro to Go on Sale in India with Its Color Filter Camera Feature Disabled by Update


OnePlus 8 Pro smartphones for India will apparently come with the color filter camera feature disabled. Check out the newest development.
Not too long ago, OnePlus unveiled its OnePlus 8 lineup of smartphones. While the OnePlus 8 smartphone has already started selling in India, the OnePlus 8 Pro is yet to go on its first sale in the country. Ahead of the first sale, we have received an interesting piece of intel surrounding the OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone for India. As it turns out, the OnePlus 8 Pro could likely be coming into the hands of Indian users with a disabled color filter camera feature. To recall, the color filter sensor on the OnePlus 8 Pro devices lets you see through thin plastic and clothing items. While the company is moving back and forth when it comes to disabling/enabling the color filter camera mode globally, the Indian units are likely to come without the same. Take a look at the newest development that has taken place in the OnePlus 8 Pro camp.

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