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Liar, Nation on Fire


I’m positive that Trump’s toxic.
Sleepy Joe and Creepy Joe haven’t worked. So now they’re trying Sticky-Fingered Joe.
After Joe Biden gave his big economic speech in Dunmore, Pa., they pounced.
“He plagiarized from me but he could never pull it off,” President Trump told reporters as he left Friday for a Florida fund-raiser. “He likes plagiarizing.”
Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that Biden’s “Buy American” pitch was “rich with irony.”
“Look, this is Joe Biden plagiarizing Neil Kinnock, the Labour leader,” Conway said of the time Biden lifted lines from the British politician, during his first presidential run. “Two days ago,” she added, “he’s plagiarizing Bernie Sanders, and yesterday he’s plagiarizing Donald Trump, Buy American.”
“Buy American” is a slogan that House Democrats have used for many years, so if anyone is swiping it, it’s Trump. And Joe and Bernie coming together on proposals is not plagiarism.
As to Kinnock, Kellyanne, I know a little something about that. That was my front-page Times story back in 1987. Biden, as he did on other occasions, got swept away with puffing himself up and sprinted over the factual line. He overidentified with aspects of Kinnock’s life in Wales — fusing their backgrounds — and borrowed some Celtic lyricism.
I wrote another story at the same time about Biden lifting chunks of Robert Kennedy speeches. But that was the fault of his speechwriter Pat Caddell, who sprinkled in R. F. K. passages without Biden knowing.
Biden dropped out of the race. I ran into him on a back stairway in the Senate when he was getting ready for his news conference. We looked at each other but did not speak. I figured he’d never speak to me again.
I was wrong. One of his top aides yelled at me and told me I wouldn’t be allowed into Robert Bork’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, which Biden was chairing.

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