Домой United States USA — IT GPT-4 Powered Bing Chat will Get Ads Pretty Soon

GPT-4 Powered Bing Chat will Get Ads Pretty Soon


A blog post indicates that Microsoft intends to distribute ad revenue among partners whose content directly contributed to the chat response
Microsoft unveiled its Bing Chatbot powered by GPT-4 a while back, and needless to say, it has garnered a lot of attention worldwide. For starters, Microsoft recently announced that it has achieved a notable milestone with Bing, when its daily active users crossed 100 million. Following the release of the latest build, the company saw one-third of its daily active users being new to the search engine. Almost a week ago, the company introduced the new AI-powered Image Creator to the Bing search engine. Amidst all this, Microsoft has made sure not to include any ads on the Bing Chat page, until now.

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