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The Division 2 Year 5 Season 2,Puppeteers Patch Notes


The long-awaited The Division 2 «Puppeteers» update is now live. This patch brings a host of new content, features, and fixes. From the intense new
The long-awaited The Division 2 “Puppeteers” update is now live. This patch brings a host of new content, features, and fixes. From the intense new Manhunt to the return of Incursions, there’s a lot to dive into. Below are the patch notes.
You can find the patch notes below:
After recovering Mari Singh and the first set of hostages, Agents will turn their focus on locating the remaining people missing in order to learn more about Natalya Sokolova’s plans against The Division.
Agents must find the rest of the hostages. Among them is Vikram Malik, who was taken by the Black Tusk who once worked with Sokolova. Rescuing Malik means learning more about what she is scheming. As part of their rescue mission, The Division must hunt down and confront The Recruiter, the prime target in Season 2. Taking down The Recruiter will help uncover the secrets behind who and why he is recruiting.
Additionally, as each hostage is rescued, Agents will see new upgrades to areas of The Castle as part of the settlement’s ongoing rebuild.
Incursions are Back! – A staple in Tom Clancy’s The Division, the four-player Incursion missions are now available in The Division 2, with high-skill endgame content that will feature unique mechanics and challenging boss encounters.
The first Incursion – titled “Paradise Lost” – will have four Division agents work to liberate the burning Meret Estate Settlement, which has been taken over by the Cleaners. The Division must locate and rescue the hidden survivors and their leader – Mackenzie Meret – but will need to battle tough enemies along the way.
Up to four agents are required to participate in Incursions. Each week an Incursion is cleared will result in the reward of an exotic item (this may include a 10% chance drop for unique Exotic SMG Ouroboros only available in Incursion). Incursions are the ultimate team challenge. That’s why Agents will need to employ optimal gear loadouts, strategy and collaboration in order to succeed.
When the agent has a Status Effect applied to them, 50% of the ammo in their next magazine will apply the same Status Effect to their targets.
This effect will only occur during combat.
Please note that you can only get the Incursion completion reward weekly. However, replaying the Incursion will still grant your boss loot drops with a 1% chance to drop the Ouroboros Exotic SMG (1% for each boss).

Get ready to gear up and arm yourself with the new weapons and gear in Year 5 Season 2! This features two new Named Weapons, a bunch of new Talents, plus a Gear Set and a Brand Set. Exotic-wise, you’ve got one exotic gear piece and one exotic weapon.NEW EXOTIC WEAPON
When the meter is full, rounds shot by the weapon will ignite enemies.
When not shooting, the meter constantly depletes. Reloading or swapping to another weapon fully depletes the meter.NEW EXOTIC GEAR
Automatically regenerate grenades every 30s, if you have less than 2 grenades in your inventory.
*In-game description is planned to be updated with TU19.1 health patch.NEW GEAR
Ortiz Incinerator Turret Prototype
The Incinerator Turret spins 360°. You are immune to your own Incinerator Turret’s fire. The Incinerator Turret explodes when disabled.
Chest and Backpack Bonuses:
Chest Bonus – Talent Chain Combustion
Enemies set ablaze by the Ortiz Incinerator Turret Prototype ignite other enemies within 2m.
Backpack Bonus – Talent Heatstroke
+25% Weapon Damage to enemies set on fire by the Ortiz Incinerator Turret Prototype.
+25% Ortiz Incinerator Turret Prototype Range.

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