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7 (more) security TED Talks you can’t miss


NewsHubThe first list ” 10 security TED Talks you can’t miss ” was so popular we decided to serve another, so here’s another batch of must-see security and privacy videos. In this selection you’ll find speakers taking on some of the most pressing, and persistent, security and privacy challenges of our time, from how society can fight the war on terror while maintaining the social values we cherish to Bruce Schneier’s talk on how challenging it is for us to evaluate and understand risk. It’s a must-see talk. Well, we think they are, so enjoy.
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Speaker: Rebecca MacKinnon
Time: 11:56
Internet freedom activist Rebecca MacKinnon contends in this talk that society can fight terror without destroying what we value. MacKinnon says stronger encryption and media and activism are the keys to defeating extremism. It’s about protecting what we value without responding in ways that prove detrimental. In addition to the important argument being made, there is a parallel to enterprise security teams in that they need to find ways to protect the business without stifling its mission.

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