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A 20-year-old waitress looks just like singer Ariana Grande and people can't get over it


NewsHubWe hear about celebrity look-a-likes all the time, but this resemblance is uncanny.
Jacky Vasquez, a 20-year-old waitress from Virginia, has become Instagram-famous for her strikingly similar appearance to pop star Ariana Grande.
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They’ve got the same hair – color, style and length; the same dimples in their cheeks and even photo poses. Her Instagram blew up years ago once everyone figured out that she looked just like the pop star and the resemblance is a bit freaky.
Thanks to her look-alike fame, her Instagram has over 189,000 followers – many who love her Grande-like look.
“Some people might get annoyed by all the attention, but I am completely flattered when people say I look like Ariana,” Vasquez told Daily Mail. “She’s a hardworking, talented beautiful young woman and I know so many girls would love to look like her. ”
In the gallery above, the photos switch from Vasquez’s photos to Grande’s and you’re almost unable to even tell the difference in the two girls. Play a game and ignore the captions and Instagram username to see if you’re able to tell the two girls part from one another.
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