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Ben Affleck Seems Ambivalent About Directing ‘The Batman’


NewsHubRachael and Anthony have it right; DiCaprio is nowhere near being in “Live By Night.” His production company Appian Way is one of the production entities.
At best, he could have been a decent director. Not as an actor.
Here is something to chew. It is about Superman; not Batman.
Superman badly needs a reboot. It has been raped and mangled to the point it is no longer recognizable.
Reboot Superman. Get an all American talented guy below 25. Get good script people. Ben Affleck and Amy Adam will be excellent as Superman’s earthly parents.
After 3 sequels and 8 or 9 years. Repeat reboot with new guy as Superman. Chris Pratt and J Lawrene should be great as the earthy parents for the 2027 version.
Pretty sure DICaprio isn’t in Live By Night….
Starring Affleck and DiCaprio? Uh .

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