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Bose suspends the seat, not the car, for a smooth ride


NewsHubBose demonstrated the newest version of its active seat suspension in a commuter van.
Bose made its name in audio, and currently designs sound systems for automakers such as Nissan and Cadillac , but the company showed off another side of its business at CES 2017, active seat suspension. Already selling its unique seat suspension technology for commercial trucks, Bose is developing the technology for cars.
At CES, I rode in a van equipped with prototype versions of the seating technology, geared toward showing how riders can be more productive when their seats keep them steady.
Given an iPad and assigned writing and drawing tasks, I sat in a well-padded seat with a footrest while the van drove over obstacles representing potholes, speed bumps and an angled driveway approach. With the Bose system turned off, the van jounced me around with strong vertical and lateral motion, making it difficult and uncomfortable to use a stylus on the iPad.

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