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Bromium mobilises endpoints to fight cyber attacks


NewsHubVirtualisation-based security firm Bromium is enabling organisations to turn their traditionally weak endpoints into sources of security intelligence.
According to the company, its Bromium Secure Platform offers a complete departure from traditional detect-to-protect approach to security.
The platform is an evolution of Bromium’s micro-virtualisation technology that was developed to enable users to open any executable file, document or web page without fear.
According to Vanson Bourne research commissioned by Bromium, 85% of 400 CIOs polled in the UK, US and Germany said users are the weakest link in security, ignoring or forgetting the education, policies and procedures enterprises have put in place to prevent risky behaviour.
The core Bromium technology works by assuming all internet tasks are untrusted and automatically putting each task into its own virtual machine or micro-VM, which is destroyed when the task is completed.

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