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CES 2017: ASUS Zennovation Press Event Live Blog (11:30am PT)


NewsHub02:28PM EST – We’re here at ASUS’ Press Event, Zennovation
02:28PM EST – Expect to see Jonney Shih on stage
02:29PM EST – Last year, ASUS didn’t have a CES event because everything was being launched after Computex
02:29PM EST – But given the recent launch of Kaby Lake, I suspect we’ll see some KBL enabled systems
02:30PM EST – Ian on text, Ryan on photos. TeAm AnandTech in the house
02:33PM EST – We’re starting
02:33PM EST – ‘ASUS is changing the mobile industry’
02:33PM EST – ‘AN event to go above and beyond expectations’
02:34PM EST – playing the intro video
02:34PM EST – very movie-esque
02:35PM EST – Jonney Shih to the stage
02:35PM EST – Jonney is always a character on stage
02:36PM EST – ‘2016 was an incredible year for ASUS – the success of our Zenbook 3 enabled us to embark on a journey that dares for more’
02:36PM EST – Demo video
02:38PM EST – Looks like a smartphone in the video
02:38PM EST – ‘stay forever young’
02:39PM EST – Announcing the Zenfone 3 Zoom
02:39PM EST – built for photography
02:39PM EST – Uses Qualcomm Snapdragon
02:39PM EST – 2x12MP, 1x13MP
02:39PM EST – 2.3x optical zoom, 59mm focal on first 12MP
02:40PM EST – 12MP main camera, Sony IMX362
02:40PM EST – 13MP front camera, f/2.0
02:40PM EST – ’59mm focal length is golden ratio for perfect portrait’
02:41PM EST – Main camera (Sony IMX362) f/1.7 and uses SuperPixel
02:41PM EST – ‘more light capture and longer exposure time’
02:42PM EST – ‘Our technology thrives on making a dramatic difference in image quality’
02:42PM EST – SuperPixel: 2.5x light sensitivity, 10x to industry standard
02:43PM EST – SuperPixel Engine: Multi-frame, multi-stage noise reduction algorithm
02:43PM EST – ASUS TriTech+ 0.03s auto-focus
02:43PM EST – 2nd Gen Laser AF, Subject tracking AF, Dual Pixel PDAF
02:43PM EST – 100% pixels for phase detection auto focus
02:44PM EST – traditional phone uses only 5% of pixels
02:45PM EST – Front Camera: Sony IMX213, f/2.0, SuperPixel, 13MP Wide Angle, 2x light sensitivity
02:45PM EST – Professional manual mode, RAW support, Manual Lens Selection
02:45PM EST – 59mm or 25mm lens selection
02:45PM EST – Pro Mode allows selection for shutter speed, EV, ISO, White Balance
02:46PM EST – Snapdragon 625, 5000mAh batery
02:46PM EST – 6.

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