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CES 2017: Every CNET social media account you need to follow


NewsHubWe’re living at CES 2017 so you don’t have to. And that means that if you want a firsthand look at everything in and around the conference, you should check out one of the many, many social media platforms we’ll be posting, tweeting and broadcasting on.
First off, you can always like us on Facebook to keep tabs on the latest news and live video from CES. Or, add us on Google+ , follow us on LinkedIn , admire our photography on Instagram , watch our coverage on YouTube and keep tabs on our stories on Snapchat by adding cnetsnaps.
If you prefer that your updates come in 140 characters, read on for a lengthy rundown of our many Twitter accounts.
All CNET Twitter accounts
Connie Guglielmo , editor in chief, CNET News. Follow @techledes
Roger Cheng , executive editor, East Coast news. Follow @rogerwcheng
Ian Sherr , executive editor, West Coast news. Follow @iansherr
Seamus Byrne , editor, CNET Australia and Asia. Follow @seamus
Richard Nieva , staff writer. Follow @richardjnieva
Ben Fox Rubin , senior reporter. Follow @benfoxrubin
Katie Collins , staff reporter. Follow @katiecollins
Shara Tibken , senior reporter. Follow @sharatibken
James Martin , photographer. Follow @Jamesco
Lindsey Turrentine , editor in chief, CNET.com. Follow @lturrentine
Rich Brown , executive editor, appliances. Follow @rh_brown
John P. Falcone , executive editor. Follow @falconejp
Eric Franklin , managing editor, mobile devices. Follow @nidopal
Kent German , senior managing editor, CNET How To.

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