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Chinese official shoots city Communist Party boss and mayor


NewsHubA senior Sichuan official shot two of his supervisors on Wednesday morning in the middle of a high-level meeting before killing himself, Chinese media report. Panzhihua land and resources bureau chief Chen Zhongshu fired at the city’s Communist Party chief, Zhang Yan, and mayor Li Jianqin before fleeing the scene, according to Shanghai-based news outlet Thepaper.cn. Zhang and Li sustained minor wounds and Chen was later found dead in the hotel building where the meeting was being held, the report said. Chen rushed in and fired at the two men while the meeting was under way, the report said. Both Li and Zhang were sent to hospital, where their wounds were described as not life-threatening. No motive was given for the attack and it was not clear how Chen obtained the firearm. Chinese civilians are prohibited from having guns under national law. The shooting took place just six months after Li, 53, arrived in the city and five after he became mayor. Li was reassigned to Panzhihua after spending more than 20 years working in the resources sector, including eight years in charge of the internal watchdog office of the Ministry of Land and Resources.

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