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Dell Canvas draws a bead on the Surface Studio


NewsHubMicrosoft’s Surface Studio put other all-in-one systems on notice when it burst forth from Redmond at the software giant’s Windows conference at the end of October. Dell showed off something similar at Adobe’s Max Conference a short while later, but details on its offering were sparse. Now, the giant Texan computer manufacturer has shown its Canvas, a 27-inch “do” surface. The Canvas offers the same flat-tilting touch-screen functionality as the Surface Studio, but is meant to be used as a display with a variety of systems, instead of packing its own PC.
The Canvas’ 2560×1440 display can’t quite match the pixel density of the Surface Studio’s very impressive 4500×3000 pixel display, but Dell’s Totem rotary controller can reportedly do all the same tricks as Microsoft’s Surface Dial.

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