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Evolution of a Trump Lover in 18 Steps | An Israeli Refugee in Berlin


NewsHubby Orit Arfa
3 days ago
1. No way! He is so vulgar and crass and has no experience. Any Republican nominee but him!
2. Wow? He pulled off the primaries. What? Is American crazy? We are in trouble.
3. Both Hillary and Trump are just so awful. I probably won’t vote.
4. Well, Trump is still crazy but Hillary is just evil. She is so arrogant and completely disconnected with America. She’s only worried about her own pocketbook and power.
5. Trump is running a pretty good campaign. He’s still saying crazy things but he’s always out on the trail.
6. Well, maybe I’ll vote for him. What does it matter anyway? He’ll lose. It’ll at least be a protest vote.
7. Hillary is even more evil than I thought, lying about her health and God knows what else. Her smile is so fake. Trump isn’t talking as crazy anymore. I don’t agree with everything, but at least he’s making clear policy speeches not soundbites. Yeah, I’ll just vote for him.
8. Why are conservatives saying #NeverTrump if it means we’ll get Hillary? Intellectual snobs, throwing their weight with the woman who’ll probably win.
9. He still doesn’t have a chance, especially with that “pussy” remark, but still: #NeverHillary! At least he is waking people up to her (and Bill’s) corruption and hypocrisy. No other Republican nominee would take her on like this.
10. When I start posting my preference for Donald J. Trump, I get viciously attacked. This bullying makes me want DJT more. I start to empathize with him because I know I’m not all those nasty names they call me.
11. Okay, Hillary will win but a least Trump is building a movement against Washington corruption.
12. Wait a minute! Is Trump winning?
13. OMG! Trump won! He made the “deal” with America. Wow. This guy is more incredible than I thought. We thought he was dumb, but actually – he was brilliant. Even his crazy remarks were part of his brilliance. They show his authenticity. Hillary is not even speaking to her supporters. Bitch.
14. Trump is still talking directly to the people and working very hard to make good appointments with qualified people. We don’t know exactly what they will bring, but I think he really means it when he says he wants the best for American people.
15. The Democrats are melting down, showing what immature crybabies they are. They are such hypocrites. They’re not about freedom and tolerance and acceptance.
16. Obama is going crazy! All these anti-Israel resolutions in the UN. All this backstabbing against the only good guy in the Middle East. Now terror has followed me to Berlin. Thank God for Trump. He gets it.
17. Trump might really de-fund the UN? Wow! I’m crazy about this guy. He might actually be a moral agent, recognizing good and evil. I don’t believe in saviors, but please let him really #DrainTheSwamp, not only in Washington, but in the world!
18. Yes, it’s official. I love Donald J. Trump! Stay safe and chazak v’amatz – be strong and courageous. Don’t disappoint, as you promised. #MAGA!
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