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Facebook censors nude Neptune statue, writer says


NewsHubThe offending statue.
Facebook’s naughty bits police have been active for some years.
They ensure, for example, that human eyes don’t have to witness a doll’s nipples or even works of art .
It seems, though, the company continues to struggle with the difference between real body parts and those that have been created by human hands.
As the Telegraph reports , Italian writer Elisa Barbari decided to use a picture of a local Bologna icon — the statue of Neptune — on her Facebook page.
Facebook, however, seems to have found it a touch too risqué.
Barbari said she received a message from Facebook’s censors that said, in part, her image contained “content that is explicitly sexual and which shows to an excessive degree the body, concentrating unnecessarily on body parts. ”
Tell that to Giambologna , who created the statue in the 1560s. Since then, it doesn’t appear to have offended too many people, although Barbari told the Telegraph it was occasionally covered up in the 1950s for school graduation parades.

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