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First 24: Hands-on with the Honor 6X


NewsHubAlthough Honor has only been producing handsets since 2013, the last couple of years has seen the company’s rapid ascension in the US, thanks to affordable prices on feature-packed handsets. In 2017 they aim to start the year by offering an affordable mid-range handset that improves on last year’s Honor 5X in every single way, the Honor 6X.
After using it for a day, the Honor 6X is a marked improvement when it comes to design and construction over last year’s model. The front offers a subtle design with a crisp 5.5-inch 1080p display with rounded 2.5D glass. The viewing angles of the display are great, but if there is one thing to complain about, it would be that it seems a bit dim when outdoors. During the first day of use in mostly cloudy overcast weather, it was tough to see the display clearly at times, even with the brightness set to maximum.
Although not the slimmest handset, measuring in at 8.2mm, it still feels good, thanks to the curved metallic body that conforms to the hand. The volume rocker and power button feel solid and provide excellent feedback when pushed.
As far as speed of the handset, the Honor 6X feels snappy.

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