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Here’s how to pre-order the Nintendo Switch


NewsHubIf you were staying up late to ride the hype train that is the Nintendo Switch only to find yourself hunting aimlessly for a pre-order button…. good news.
Nintendo was weirdly vague about when US pre-orders for their new $300 console would open up (outside of a tweet that mentioned a limited number of pre-orders at Nintendo NYC) but a bunch of retailers just pushed their pages live.
Here are the sites that seem to be up and running and, as of 12:25 am Pacific, are still accepting pre-orders
Best Buy
Gamestop (Update: Gamestop seems to be tapped out as of 12:32 am Pacific, but they might add more stock)
Meanwhile, Walmart seems to keep running “out of stock” and then suddenly getting another batch — so if all other options fail, check there too.

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