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Japan lowers permanent residency requirements, will favor foreign workers


NewsHubNew rules will be implemented with regards to getting permanent residency in Japan and these will be in favor of the country’s foreign workforce.
The proposal to amend the residency rules is said to be planned for enactment as early as March, based on the decision by the Ministry of Justice last Tuesday, reports Nikkei.
Within the proposal, the required number of years to live in Japan before a foreigner can apply for permanent residency will be reduced from 10 years to three years. Individuals who accumulate 80 points based on various factors, including academic background, career history, and income will be put on a one-year fast track for residency. The current rules require five years.
New criteria will also be added that will contribute to the point system, such as employment in technology and other growth industries, graduating from a top university, and a career as a big-money investor.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his government is hoping to attract foreign talent that would be beneficial to invigorating Japan’s economic growth. Revising the rules for permanent residency will begin after a public comment period, beginning Wednesday. Alfred Bayle

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