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LG CES 2017 Press Conference Live Blog


NewsHub10:57AM EST – It looks like it’ll just be one person live blogging this event so we’ll have to see how things go here
10:57AM EST – I’m not expecting a lot from LG in terms of mobile announcements here, generally speaking they wait until MWC to really announce the big things
10:58AM EST – WiFi appears to be working much better than previous years but we’ll have to see how it holds up
10:59AM EST – These venues are always the real stress tests for RF designs on both receive and transmit for both AP and client. Lots of APs and clients all working on roughly the same frequency spectrum
10:59AM EST – Even minor side channel noise on transmit can seriously impact the throughput of all other clients/APs.
11:00AM EST – Dr Skott Ahn takes the stage
11:02AM EST – Looks like we’ll be seeing more appliances and TVs today
11:04AM EST – Robots, new appliances, webOS 3.5 for TV
11:04AM EST – New LG Signature OLED TV
11:05AM EST – To avoid an excess of snarky comments I’m going to focus on mostly taking photos here
11:08AM EST – More WiFi in your appliances so 4chan can hijack it to deliver more pizza to your door
11:09AM EST – “DeepThinQ AI” for object sensing robot vacuums
11:10AM EST – The AC unit will be more efficient using human sensing and power saving modes
11:11AM EST – WebOS now for your fridge
11:11AM EST – FHD 29 inch display so you can see every pixel
11:12AM EST – You can now look inside your fridge by using the display which is amazing
11:12AM EST – There’s really no other way to look inside a fridge
11:13AM EST – You can now put a smiley face on your fridge door display
11:14AM EST – You can now look inside your fridge from your phone with an ultra-wide camera
11:15AM EST – You can now look at recipes on your fridge which is the only way you can really get recipes at all
11:15AM EST – Alexa will also be on the new fridge along with Dash button replenishment
11:17AM EST – Smart Instaview refrigerator will make your life better, easier, and more fun especially with Amazon Alexa(tm)
11:18AM EST – You can check the calorie count of chicken wings and play music from your fridge which is what you need in a fridge
11:21AM EST – A new IoT hub which has never been done before
11:23AM EST – Apparently there’s an airport guide robot which is being deployed at Incheon Airport to help people get to various areas in the airport and clean up within the airport
11:27AM EST – New 4K LCD TVs using 1 nm “nanocell” quantum dots
11:28AM EST – Over 90% DCI coverage, better off-axis viewing and higher contrast
11:28AM EST – I wonder if OLED is even possible for 4K with acceptable yield and cost
11:32AM EST – A Technicolor expert mode to enhance color reproduction?
11:34AM EST – HLG and advanced HDR by technicolor for OLED TVs by LG
11:34AM EST – Apparently technicolor is using LG OLED displays for reference displays
11:35AM EST – 25% brightness improvement, HDR effect for normal video/images
11:37AM EST – Somehow iOS devices can Live Blog properly now which is neat but probably unrelated to this press conference
11:45AM EST – Looks like we’re wrapping up
11:45AM EST – Thanks for following, stay tuned for more information from CES 2017

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