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North Korea vows to pursue weapons development, condemns new sanctions


NewsHubNorth Korea is resisting pressure to denuclearize and vowing to continue the “parallel development” of weapons of mass destruction alongside economic growth.
Pyongyang is standing firm following a U. S. decision to blacklist Kim Jong Un ‘s younger sister for her propaganda activities.
Seoul also decided recently to accelerate plans for a special assassination unit targeting the North Korean leadership.
State-controlled news agency KCNA announced on Tuesday the policy of parallel development, or Byungjin, is the “truth, and the banner of victory. ”
“If you challenge the truth, you are destined for ruin,” the North Korean statement read. “By continuing to keep the line of Byungjin steady, we will rise as a great political power, military power, socialist economy and civilization. ”
North Korea has continued to send out messages that include threats to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile. But it is also calling on the United States to change its policy.
But ahead of U. S. President-elect Donald Trump ‘s inauguration on Friday, Washington has instead pursued further sanctions against the Pyongyang regime, including blacklisting Kim Yo Jong, who is reportedly the vice director of the propaganda department of the Korean Workers’ Party.
On Tuesday, North Korea condemned the “second round of sanctions” being enforced by the U. S. Treasury Department.
“On Jan. 11, the Obama faction…sanctioned 7 North Korean individuals and 2 of our institutions,” the KCNA statement read. “The purpose of the additional sanctions is intended to hurt the image of the pure [North Korea]. ”
Pyongyang added, “Obama should not waste his time on anyone’s ‘human rights,’ and devote his time to packing his belongings at the White House, while repenting for the pain and misery of countless Americans and citizens of the world. ”
North Korea did not provide a basis for its claims, neither has the country allowed outside inspectors to verify testimonies from defectors who say they have witnessed summary execution, rape, torture or forced labor under the regime.
In a separate statement, Pyongyang said South Korea’s special assassination unit would be its “first target” should war erupt on the peninsula, according to South Korean news service News 1.

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