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Razer unveils triple-screen Project Valerie gaming notebook


NewsHubRazer’s Project Valerie offers three automatically-deployed Sharp IGZO 17.3″ Ultra HD displays, but the company’s quiet on whether it’ll ever make it to market. Gaming specialist Razer is once again looking to stand out from the crowd with the unveiling of what it claims to be the world’s first gaming laptop to feature three automatically-deployed screens – and yes, you read that right.
Project Valerie, as Razer’s creation is known, is certainly eye-catching. The laptop is, at 1.5 inches thick, claimed to be equal to the thickness of ‘ other 17″ gaming laptops ,’ but when opened offers two fold-out displays which sit either side of the mains screen. With each Sharp IGZO 17.3″ display panel offering an Ultra HD resolution, that’s an overall display resolution of 11,520 x 2,160 – though Razer has been unsurprisingly silent on battery life you can expect when running with all three displays active.

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