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Riding in cars with computers: How tech at CES changes driving


NewsHubUnlike a traditional car show, where automakers unveil the latest model year of this or that car, CES showcases concepts, technologies that will likely find their way into cars over the next few years. It’s like looking into the future of how we will drive.
And this year at CES, we saw an impressive number of new ideas for automotive, many borrowing from the world of high-tech.
Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang holds up Xavier, a powerful computer designed to be the brains of self-driving cars.
For the past few years, self-driving car technology has been a big topic at CES, but it became even bigger this year as many vendors offered real demos. Nvidia and Audi partnered up , running both a Lincoln MKS and a Q7 on a defined test track. The cars used similar technology to follow a curved track that had areas where the lane lines disappeared, and where they had to negotiate an unexpected obstacle. Nvidia also unveiled a new self-driving super computer it calls Xavier.
Equipment supplier Delphi offered the best example of real-world self-driving , with a fully autonomous car driving on the streets of Las Vegas.
BMW gave a more limited self-driving demonstration which, however, could go into production very soon.

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