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S. Korea fin min says will press Korea's case if US makes 'irrational' trade demands


NewsHubSouth Korea’s finance minister on Wednesday said the government will vigorously argue Korea’s case should the U. S. make any unreasonable trade demands.
“We will actively promote our stance on any irrational demands from the U. S., and use any rational demands (on trade) to improve our regulations to remove any impediments to the fourth industrial revolution,” Yoo Il-ho said in a meeting with ministers in Seoul.
He said the government would strengthen its communications when U. S. President-elect Donald Trump takes office later this month, and will meet with global investors next week in New York to promote the economy.
A U. S. and South Korea free trade agreement came into effect on March 15, 2012. It was hailed at the time as the model for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which President-elect Donald Trump has sharply criticized as flawed, making approval by the U. S. Congress on an agreement reached this year by leaders and negotiators of the dozen nations involved unlikely.

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