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South Korea shuts website mapping women of childbearing age


NewsHubSouth Korea’s government closed its website that drew fury for showing the number of women in childbearing age by each city district and region. The Ministry of the Interior’s website featuring the pink birth map remained closed on Friday, a day after its launch, showing instead a notice that the site is undergoing corrections to reflect public opinion. The website had gone offline after just a few hours following criticism the government is trying to shame women for not having babies. Some said the government treated the birth rate issue as concerning only women, pointing out that no picture of men was used on the website. Using pink as the main colour, the site contained information on birth rates, benefits from local governments on child rearing, average marriage age and other data. On top of the website, it showed a picture of a woman kissing a little girl. In the birth map, the regions with a higher number of female residents aged 15-49 were coloured in dark pink while the regions with a lower number of such women were shown in light pink.

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