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Ten Quality Assurance Interview Questions You Should Know


NewsHubPerhaps the most challenging role in the software development process is that of the quality assurance professional. The role requires a set of soft skills for dealing with developer egos and hard technical skills to get bugs to scurry out of their hiding places and into the light. Candidates for these roles can expect questions about their hard skills, including the tools that they use. For more about how critical the quality assurance role is, check out ” Anatomy of a Software Development Role: Quality Assurance “.
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A: Automated testing greatly reduces the effort to test for regressions when the user interface is relatively stable.
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Author: Steve Jurvetson
A: The answer should include boundary conditions where the value should be in a range or of a specific data type, but the tester provides data outside of that range.
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A: The answer here should include how the candidate gathers information. The information gathered should be to help the developer locate the problem so they can resolve it.
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A: The answer should include the types of test accounts created and how their security is managed. A candidate should also mention standard approaches to being able to test multiple users at the same time, including private/incognito windows and the use of multiple browsers.

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