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Texas police officer shot, killed in standoff


NewsHubJan. 18 (UPI) — A Little Elm, Texas, police officer was shot and killed by a suspected gunman who later died in a standoff with police, authorities said.
Det. Jerry Walker, 48, an 18-year veteran of the Dallas suburb’s police force, was among officers responding to a report of an active shooter on Tuesday afternoon. A man with a rifle was seen in the backyard of a house, who shot at officers after he entered the house, Lt. Orlando Hinojosa said. Walker was hit by a bullet, and died after he was airlifted to Denton Regional Medical Center, Fire Chief Brian Roach said.
Police returned fire during a six-hour standoff, and later said the suspect was shot and killed. He was confirmed dead after he was found in the home. His identity was not released. An elderly woman was removed from the house by police during the incident.
Students from three nearby schools were held back from dismissal Tuesday and eventually allowed to leave with parents. The neighborhood was blocked off for hours.

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