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The Obama Effect


NewsHubRoach resigned her seat after being elected to the Pierce County Council this fall. The Sumner Republican spent 26 years in the Senate.
Opening the 32nd Washington Electoral College Dec 19th Secretary of State Kim Wyman explains the history and process of the state Electoral College as 12 electors choose the state’s President and Vice-President choices.
Shouting, “Not Our President” and other slogans a group of approximately 100 protesting President-elect Donald Trump gathered in front of the Legislative Building for a short 9 a.m rally Monday at the state capitol.
Gov. Jay Inslee and guests help introduce the governor’s proposed 2017-2019 operating, capital and transportation budgets.
Puyallup State Representative Melanie Stambaugh welcomes the chance to defend herself against charges that she violated legislative ethics rules by posting state-funded photos and videos to the Facebook page she used during her campaign.
The fix for buckling and heaving sidewalks in the city of DuPont is expensive and connected to Weyerhaeuser’s development.
In his final international speech, President Obama said it was possible that president-elect Donald Trump could try to push forward with some controversial positions but that likely “reality will force him to adjust” to how he utlimately deals with those issues.
About 450 people rallied Saturday against president-elect Donald Trump in Wright Park and marched up to Sixth and Sprague avenues in Tacoma.
Protesters gathered at Tacoma’s Wright Park Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016, to voice displeasure in the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States.
About 200 stood on the steps of the Capitol and chanted slogans against the election of Donald Trump.

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