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: Top 10 board games for adults, kids, children & families | Best board game expansions & buying advice


NewsHubWhat are the best board games in 2017? And what are the best board game expansions?
We live in a golden age of board gaming. If you grew up with Scrabble and Cluedo (which are okay games) and Risk and Monopoly (which are not), you may understandably believe that board games are limited in scope and of interest only to kids and weirdos. But in 2017 this hobby has far more to offer. The best board games are well worth anyone’s time.
Depending on your tastes, modern board gaming offers simplicity ( Hive ) or complexity ( Twilight Struggle ); abstraction ( The Duke ) or narrative ( Tales of the Arabian Nights ); co-operation ( Ghost Stories ) or backstabbing ( Game of Thrones ); silliness ( Galaxy Trucker ) or seriousness ( Puerto Rico ). Board games have something for everyone.
In this article we round up the 10 best board games available to humanity, together with our explanation of why each one is so essential, vital statistics (time to play, number of players, our difficulty rating) and a link to buy.

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