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Trump protests erupt around the world as he takes office


NewsHubTrump protests erupt around the world as he takes office Protests against President Donald Trump were held worldwide, from Washington, DC, to Mexico, London and even Japan. The inauguration was met with the same fervor and widespread dissidence that came to define Trump’s campaign and the controversial 2016 election. Russia, however, proved to be a bright spot, and the Russian Defense Ministry even offered discounts.
A police sting operation caught a defense attorney on camera as he hypnotized a client in an attempt to convince her to have sex with him. He later admitted to doing this to six women, and was eventually sentenced to 12 years in prison.
When a Spanish greyhound was dropped off at a vet’s office in Spain, the workers noticed that aside from her broken leg, she was producing milk. Believing this to mean that she had recently given birth, they put her on a leash and followed her back to an abandoned car, where 10 newborn puppies were found.
Hong Kong residents are being forced to live in coffin-size homes Due to overcrowding and a lack of government regulation, 20-square-foot “coffin homes” are becoming a new trend in Hong Kong. These tiny living spaces are home to an estimated 200,000 residents.
Speeding truck kills 5 as it crashes into homes in China Surveillance CCTV video captured on Jan. 17 shows a truck slamming into nine roadside homes in northwestern China. Five people, including a 3-year-old, a pregnant woman and the driver, were killed. The incident is still being investigated.
Two college students got more excitement than they signed up for when their speedboat malfunctioned and sent them flying into the water. The steering assembly fell apart, causing the boat to sharply change directions.
A Peruvian woman amazingly survived falling from a balcony and landing on a construction pole, which impaled her through her upper shoulder. The pole missed her aorta by millimeters, according to doctors.
Daredevil gets hit by a car while snowboarding down city streets A wannabe daredevil attempted to snowboard down city streets in Canada, but quickly found out why that was a bad idea. John Adams ended up snowboarding directly into a car, but luckily avoided any serious injuries.
These GPS jeans vibrate directions to their users A new type of GPS is being designed as a pair of jeans that vibrates in the direction the wearer needs to turn. This would be the ultimate “hands-free” way of getting directions.
Chicago police gun down an armed man after fight spills into the street A pair of Chicago police officers happened to come across a fight that turned dangerous when a gun was pulled. Darius Jones was gunned down by police officers after he shot a man and then refused to drop his weapon.

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