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US government sues D-Link over alleged security flaws


NewsHubThe FTC says D-Link’s products left consumers vulnerable to hackers.
The Federal Trade Commission is taking D-Link to court, accusing the company of poor security practices for its routers, web cameras, baby monitors and other products.
The lawsuit ( PDF ), filed in San Francisco’s district court, argues that D-Link failed to meet security standards from 2007, leaving widespread vulnerabilities open to hackers.
The commission alleges that D-Link coded easy to crack login credentials into its camera software, enabling hackers to easily spy on the company’s customers.
The FTC also accuses D-Link of failing to encrypt passwords on its mobile app, instead leaving the codes in plain text on devices for anyone nearby to read. D-Link also failed to address a “command injection” software flaw, which would let hackers hijack routers from remote locations, according to the FTC.

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