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US Intel: Russia hacked Republican groups during election


NewsHubDemocratic groups and figures weren’t the only ones targeted in Russia’s suspected campaign to influence last year’s U. S. election. Russian cyberspies also targeted computers from state-level Republican groups and stole information from local voter registration records, FBI director James Comey said.
“There were successful penetrations of some groups and campaigns, particularly at the state-level on the Republican side,” Comey said during a senate committee hearing on Tuesday.
He and three U. S. intelligence chiefs spoke at the hearing, following their Friday report accused the Kremlin of ordering a covert campaign that helped boost incoming President Donald Trump’s election chances.
As part of that campaign, the hackers stole sensitive files from the Democratic National Committee, in addition to an aide to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and leaked them online.
On Tuesday, Comey discussed other targets Russian cyberspies allegedly hacked. Among them, were state-level voter registration records that included name and address information.
“What the purpose of those intrusions was is not clear,” Comey said.

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