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Utah stores on list of 150 Kmart and Sears stores to close by spring


NewsHubJust four days into 2017, Sears Holdings announced the closure of dozens of additional Kmart and Sears locations, including some in Utah.
Wednesday, the company informed workers at 78 Kmart Stores and 26 Sears stores that their locations would be closing.
That includes two Kmart locations in Vernal and Layton.
The announcement came days after employees at another 30 Kmart stores and 16 Sears stores across the country were informed their outlets would be shuttered.
Most of the stores will be closing their doors by the end of March 2017.
Sears Holdings released this statement:
Liquidation sales will begin as early as January 6 at all closing stores.
All stores above will close at the end of March except for the following locations:
Kmart, Cromwell, CT – mid-March
Kmart, Mechanicsburg, PA – mid-February
Sears, Florence, SC – mid-February
Sears, Camp Hill, PA – mid-February
* Sears Auto Center will be closed at this location

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