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Voxer adds end-to-end encrypted ‘private chats’


NewsHubVoice-focused messaging app Voxer has added an end-to-end encrypted ‘private chats’ feature on its Android and iOS apps — powered by Open Whisper Systems’ Signal Protocol. So all content shared within a private chat, including live voice, text, videos, images, GIFs, and document sharing, is fully e2e encrypted.
It’s the latest messaging app to make use of the Signal Protocol, which is also used by the likes of WhatsApp and Wire to secure users’ content from the risks associated with the service provider having internal access to users’ comms — albeit those apps use e2e everywhere, not just within a single ‘private chats’ silo.
e2e encryption means data is encrypted locally and users’ hold the encryption keys, meaning providers cannot be compelled to decrypt and hand over their communications.
Why isn’t Voxer applying e2e encryption across all comms content? CEO Irv Remedios says it’s trying to balance convenience and (robust) security.
“Many businesses and consumers rely on message history using multiple devices — being able to find older messages even after logging out/in on mobile and desktop.

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