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When Strategy Stops Being Slow


NewsHubMore and more we see the words Agile and Strategy mentioned in the same phrase or title. Tim Leberecht, author of the book “The Business Romantic: Give Everything, Quantify Nothing, and Create Something Greater Than Yourself” , wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review on how to make your strategy more agile and why decision making doesn’t have to be a slow process.
Leberecht described how strategy, a function of the organizations typically known as slow and involving multi-stakeholders might be blended with sprints, a core agile concept, towards faster decision making on a strategical level. The author mentioned “Google Ventures’ five-day method” as an example of how sprints help bypass bureaucracy or endless debate cycles.
Although he recognizes the value of the typical big-up-front-activities like research or scenario planning, he states that companies have less and less time for them, so their strategy needs to rely on two emerging concepts: vision and improvisation.

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