NewsHub“Need all the wishes and prayers for my niece,” pop star Britney Spears tweeted Monday while sister Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter remained hospitalized after a serious ATV accident Sunday.
Maddie Aldridge, 8, was driving an off-road vehicle on family property in Louisiana when she swerved to avoid a drainage ditch and flipped the ATV over into a pond, People said, citing a police report and sheriff’s statement.
Jamie Lynn Spears and husband Jamie Watson, who is Maddie’s stepfather, were watching the girl as she “overcorrected causing the ATV to enter the pond,” the report said. “The ATV and child were instantly submerged in the water right before their eyes.”
The girl’s parents and other family members jumped into the water but could not free the girl from the ATV’s seat belt and safety net, People said. Paramedics arrived within minutes and got her out, the report said.
The adults were about 100 yards away and watching Maddie when the vehicle flipped, E! News reported. A source told the outlet that CPR was performed before she was taken to a local hospital.
On Monday, Maddie was in critical but stable condition after being airlifted to a New Orleans hospital, said TMZ , which first reported the accident on Sunday.
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Kristen Bell and director Liz W. Garcia discuss the film “Lifeguard” at Sundance.

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