CNET went hands-on with Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi horror game. Read on for more information about killing aliens and turning into cups.
The makers of Dishonored 2 are back with a new installment of the familiar franchise Prey, but don’t expect any callbacks or bridges to the original.
Prey is an upcoming sci-fi stealth shooter from Arkane Studios, who you probably know from steampunk stealth shooters (they have a type) Dishonored and Dishonored 2. Prey shares a lot of its DNA with those two games, down to the multiple paths through levels, RPG elements and options for creative puzzle solving.
I got to go hands-on with the first hour or so of the game, and I can confirm that you’ve got bigger issues than prognosticating rodents. You play as Morgan Yu (you get to select your gender and make a few other choices that alter the story) on a sprawling space station. Said station is infested with hostile alien lifeforms that can masquerade as everyday objects.
My hands-on preview of the early parts of the game really reinforced those gameplay similarities with the Dishonored series. It’s a stealth shooter, and while I didn’t feel the need to sneak around early on, I can see how the enemies might necessitate the quiet approach later on.

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