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Trump's taxes, Tillerson's trip and snow fallout


What does the new, small glimpse of Trump’s taxes show? And how seriously will America’s Asian allies take their meetings with Trump’s diplomat-in-chief?
A leaked copy of President Trumps 2005 tax return shows he and his wife Melania would have paid just 5 percent in taxes that year if it weren’t for a supplemental tax for the wealthy designed to ensure their use of loopholes doesn’t totally eliminate what they owe. Mr. Trump, who ended up paying 24 percent that year, is now trying to get rid of the supplemental tax that cost him the extra $31 million in 2005.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is off to Japan and other Asian nations to build relationships with his foreign counterparts, but there are concerns about how seriously America’s top diplomat will be taken given his virtual silence on U. S. policy thus far. The challenge, says one expert, will be convincing those counterparts that Tillerson really has the ear of his boss in the White House.
Millions of people in the Northeast are digging out from a massive late-winter storm. At least nine deaths are blamed on the winter blast and nearly a quarter-million utility customers lost power, but big cities including Philadelphia and New York didn’t get the major snow totals that were expected. The National Weather Service reportedly projected less snow before the storm, but didn’t revise its public forecast.
President Trump wants coal to remain America’s fuel of choice, but it won’t be easy. The amount of power generated by coal-fired plants in the U. S. is down 25 percent since 2008. Other leading world economies are also moving away from the fossil fuel in the fight against global warming. We look at why coal’s future has dimmed amid surging supplies of cleaner, cheaper natural gas.
In a few short years, LuLaRoe has built a $1 billion business as a direct seller of colorful clothing geared to millennial women. But while the firm has attracted an army of more than 77,000 independent salespeople, internal documents obtained by CBS News show only a small fraction of these “consultants” generate much income. Is LuLaRoe selling its own salespeople a bill of goods?
Golden Retrievers are the third most popular dog breed in America, but in Turkey, hundreds of the pups can be found living on the streets. An organization in Istanbul is trying to find the unwanted Retrievers new homes in the U. S. We follow the journey of the so-called “Turkey dogs” as they head for new homes.
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