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Another 'Thief' game could quite possibly be in development


News has emerged that another title in the cult-classic stealth-based video game series, ‘Thief’, is currently in development. A Hollywood adaptation of the franchise is also in the works.
Thief is a cult-classic series of stealth video games that has spawned four titles since the original’s release in 1998. The most recent game in the series, developed by Eidos Montréal, was published in 2014 by Square Enix, simply titled Thief. It received a rather mixed response from critics and gamers alike, and currently sports a 6/10 rating on Steam.
However, despite the mediocre reception, it appears that another Thief game may be in the works.
Nearly three years ago, it was reported that a movie based on the franchise was being developed, but little has been revealed since then. Now, a description on the website of the production company responsible for the Hollywood adaptation, casually points out that a “fifth sequel [of the game] is currently in development”. The full listing notes that:
This piece of news is out of the blue keeping in view that Eidos Montréal executive Nick Cantin stated that a sequel would be considered depending on the reception of Thief, which hasn’t exactly been positive. That said, Square Enix hasn’t announced any release information for the upcoming Thief game itself, saying that it has nothing to announce “at this time”.
Source: Straight Up Films via Polygon | Image via GameSpot

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