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LeBron James responds after slur found at home Video


The incident was reported to police this morning.
Among other things here only bloom. Excuse me you. Wanted to greater self supporting immigrants that we sports. Zone. No. Race and we’ll go on all comes to unions. And and Oman among fans via. But a Mayo look at business. Benefits. Because this ship to life and continue to keep the conversation going home on behalf. Then I’m okay where. No more families safe. I think today they’re safe and that’s the most important. But it just goes shouldered. Their racism alone will always viewed a part of the world the part of America. And you know hate. You know in America especially for African American. There is living every day and even though that. You know that is concealed most of the time. You know people are the faces some we’ll say things. About Schumer when they see you smiling face. That’s a live every single day and but nothing Rex in materials mom actually scholar first hit. And the reason that she had all open casket discussed she wanted to show the world. What her son went through as far as a hate crime and you know being black in America. Source lawyer doesn’t no matter how much money you have. No matter how famous you all are no matter how many people admire you. And on whim Bim black in America is. This stuff and we got a long way to go. You know for us as a society influences African Americans and through we’ve. Until we feel equal. In America and you know bush. Feminists say friend. And that’s what’s. That’s was important.
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