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SoundCloud turns up on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One


The popular audio distribution platform has finally landed on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One. A beta version of the app is available to download even allowing users to control its playback via Cortana.
After being conspicuously absent from the Windows Store for years, popular audio distribution service SoundCloud has finally embraced the platform. The app is publicly available for users on Windows 10 PCs in the form of a beta. The service was also launched on Xbox One today, as a separate listing. Interestingly, the Xbox version of the app does not have the “beta” tag.
The features of the Xbox One version of the app are as follows:
SoundCloud has reworked the UI of its app to match up to the bigger screens it will be catering to. Some features, like playback control via Cortana, seem to be specially directed towards Xbox users to ensure a seamless experience. It allows you to access all your tracks and playlists from your SoundCloud account. The company allows a variety of subscription services including SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud Go, or SoundCloud Go+.
The app also comes with their relatively newer feature, The Upload, which creates a personalized music based on your preferences. The service claims to be “the world’s largest music & audio streaming catalog” with over 120 million free tracks in its expanding library.
The Windows 10 version comes with much the same features, albeit with the beta tag. If you’re a fan of the service, it can be downloaded from the Windows Store here. The app should largely be a bug-free experience; however, should you run into a problem, the service is accepting user feedback here. While the bigger SKUs have been tended to, whether or not Windows 10 Mobile gets any love remains to be seen.
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