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Google's Street View celebrates its 10th anniversary


It’s tough to remember the world without Google’s Street View. The feature has made things much easier when navigating, but has also opened access to remote locations from around the world.
It’s funny to think that over ten years ago when using mapping software, you never really got to preview the location or its surroundings. You were always presented with a digital iteration of a map and made due. In 2007, things changed with the introduction of Google’ Street View. Street View allowed users to see and preview a location before you even arrived. While it seems like a no-brainer idea, it was an extremely powerful tool. Now, after many iterations and a constantly evolving platform, Google is celebrating Street View’s tenth birthday.
Since its inception, Street View has constantly evolved, adding millions of miles of roads, locations, and even giving us some things to laugh about over the years. The feature has become even more powerful over the years by allowing users to add their own images to maps, sharing their personal experience with the world. The project has come a long way from just showing us the street view of a city road and expanded to give us a look at remote locations like Mount Everest and even the ability to explore the depths of the oceans.
Although it has been an impressive ten years, one can only think that this is just the beginning – Happy Birthday Street View.
Source: Google

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