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Major police emergency at the London Bridge Video


Details are starting to come in at a time when European cities are becoming more and more frequent targets for terrorists.
And good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Saturday, I’m Tom llamas. And we begin tonight with breaking news. What appears to be a major police emergency at the London bridge. Details just beginning to come in. It’s still unclear exactly what happened, but it comes at a time when European cities are becoming more and more frequent targets for terrorists. England still reeling from the recent suicide bombing in Manchester just two weeks ago. ABC’s jenniferccleston with the very latest details. Reporter: Tom, this is still very much a developing story, with reports of a disturbing scene near London bridge, and now, also, at burough market, a restaurant nearby. Eyewitnesses near the area are reporting a white van veering off the road and striking pedestrians. There is an enormous police response arriving at the scene within minutes, followed by ambulances and police helicopters. Shots getting fired and bang, bang. But we just been bashed back by the police. There are people on the ground, everything looks — so, I didn’t see anything with my eyes, but my friend said, oh, there is a van, there is a van, and this van went into the people and then we saw three, four people living E lying on the ground. And then the police arrived and the ambulance arrived. Reporter: As you hear there, there are reports of injuries, bodies on the ground. Police have only confirmed that they are responding to an incident at London bring and also at burough market. People are becoming told to leave the area, avoid the area. Eerily reminiscent of the Westminster bridge attack that killed five people. Tom, this happened just minutes ago, another tragedy, another reason for this country to be on edge. London and Europe both on edge tonight. Jennifer, talk to us about those two areas, so, London bridge, just west of the famous tower bridge in London, and then burough market, how far apart are they from each other, and were they busy, about 10: 00 P. M. In London? Reporter: They’re very close to each other. They would be considered in the same, roughly the same neighborhood. Very popular with locals. But also with tourists. London bridge, obviously, a huge attraction for people to come visit this country. People wanting to get their picture taken there, with the bridge in the background lit at night. But the burough market is teeming with people on a Saturday night. It’s full of restaurants and bars. Jennifer Eccleston reporting for us tonight. Thank you, Jennifer. We’ll come back to you throughout the broadcast. We want to talk to somebody who was there tonight, an eye witness at a restaurant while this emergency was happening. He joins us on the phone right now. What did you see and what did you hear tonight? Well, I just heard, we were just around the corner from it, having dinner, just having dinner out with a few friends and my partner and literally all we hear is shots fired and quite loud bang. We ran to the windows, see lots of blue lights and police everywhere and look out of the window of our restaurant and we can see people lying on the floor and just ambulances and police response around them. The security of the restaurant is telling us to evacuate the restaurant, as quick as we can, the police are telling us to run up the road, further away from London bridge, and now we’re currently sitting in a bar, just in a safe spot, we’ve been told there’s security around, inside the perimeter here, and that’s all we know at the moment. They won’t tell us anything apart from what we’re seeing on social media. Were you closer to the scene, there’s two incidents, one at London bridge and one at the burr burough market. I was just having dinner across the road from the market. And my car is parked just outside burough market and I can’t even get to it. And the massive police presence you see on the scene, do you also see police still kind of running in and out, does it seem like the scene has been contained or is it still very much an active investigation? It looks like it’s very much active, but I think the police are doing a very quick job to get everything — to get it responded to, as quick as possible. They’re trying to do their hardest and it looks like they are trying to clear up the road and get everything contained as quickly as possible, which, I’m sure, is what everybody wants. All right, one of the eye witnesses tonight to those incidents in London, and we of course will stay on top of this story throughout the broadcast and update you as we get more information.
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