While there were criticisms of Megyn Kelly’s interview, the NBC host earned some praise
The reviewers are in about Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones and, predictably, people are split. Members of the alt-right like, Jack Posobiec are making common cause with progressives like Lily Herman and Women’s March in denouncing the interview, albeit for reasons that couldn’ t be further removed from one another. Kelly earned plaudits for a job well done from Andrea Mitchell and John Podhoretz, among others, while several people are citing a that gave her a glowing review. That article, written by Jack Shafer, argues that “when Kelly’s show finally aired, she took the mendacious Jones apart in such a textbook manner you had to wonder what all the shouting had been about. The Jones pattern, she said at the segment’s top, is making ‘reckless accusations followed by equivocations and excuses’ when questioned.”

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