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Original Xbox games go backwards compatible for Xbox One X family


OG Xbox games get the love they deserve alongside the Xbox One X reveal.
It’s taken years of begging, but Microsoft is finally going back its gaming roots. It’s announced at E3 2017 that original Xbox games are finally becoming available as backwards compatible titles for the Xbox One family.
“OG Xbox games will look better, and play better, ” on the new Xbox One X and new-ish Xbox One consoles, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.
Launching “later this year”, the Xbox backwards compatible games join a library of older titles that now number 385 across the Xbox One family.
Microsoft revealed to giant cheers that airborne shooter Crimson Skies will be among the Xbox original titles first to make the forward jump, promising that a number of developers are already onboard to get the catalogue filled up.
All rereleased titles will benefit from a revamp, drawing on the increased power and performance of the new machines to make them play smoother than they ever did on the 15 year old original Xbox.
The move sees Microsoft doubling down on the fan-favorite feature. Its Xbox 360 backwards compatibility offering has seen Microsoft pick up brownie points against its nearest rival Sony, whose own PlayStation back catalogue of older titles is only available through repurchasing rereleases or subscribing to its PlayStation Now streaming service.

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