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Putin says U. S. missile systems in Alaska, South Korea challenge Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that elements of a U. S. anti-missile system in Alaska and South Korea were a challenge to Russia and that Moscow had no choice but to build up its own forces in response.
Putin, speaking at an economic forum in St Petersburg, said Russia could not stand idly by and watch while others increased their military capabilities along its borders in the Far East in the same way as he said had been done in Europe.
He said Moscow was particularly alarmed by the deployment of the U. S. THAAD anti-missile system to South Korea to counter a North Korean missile threat and to reported U. S. plans to beef up Fort Greely in Alaska, a launch site for anti-ballistic missiles.
“This destroys the strategic balance in the world, ” Putin told a meeting with international media, the start of which was broadcast on state TV.
“What is happening is a very serious and alarming process. In Alaska, and now in South Korea, elements of the anti-missile defence system are emerging. Should we just stand idly by and watch this? Of course not. We are thinking about how to respond to these challenges. This is a challenge for us.”
Washington was using North Korea as a pretext to expand its military infrastructure in Asia in the same way it had used Iran as a pretext to develop a missile shield in Europe, charged Putin.

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