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Are Your Staff Members Looking for a New Job?


Salary dissatisfaction and feelings of being underappreciated are causing many employees to seek new jobs. Find out how to avoid a talent exodus in your staff.
A significant percent of workers plan to look for a new employer sometime during the year, according to a recent survey from Spherion Staffing. The resulting ” 2017 Emerging Workforce Study ” indicates that salary dissatisfaction is driving much of the motivation to find new work. But a lack of professional growth opportunities and feelings of being underappreciated are also contributing to the problem. CIOs and other managers can improve matters without dipping into their budgets, as many professionals today seek flex-time and telecommuting arrangements in the interest of greater work-life balance. “We’ve never seen employees have this much leverage to improve their situation and fulfill their demands for better salaries and working conditions, ” said Sandy Mazur, division president for Spherion. “This year’s study reinforces the need for employers to reevaluate their retention strategies and take a closer look at the factors—both financial and non-financial—that influence their workers’ professional decisions. While not all businesses will have the flexibility to raise wages right away, our data indicates that there are a range of alternative measures that may prevent an employee exodus.” More than 730 U. S. HR managers and 2,060 employees took part in the research, which was conducted by the Research Now Group.

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